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FlexiPDF 2017 for Windows

Free service pack

The current revision of FlexiPDF 2017 for Windows is 1.01.

You receive this new revision by starting FlexiPDF and choosing Help > Check for Updates. Instructions for downloading and installing the new revision will be displayed immediately.

List of changes in this revision

B23 FlexiPDF no longer freezes when scanning pages from certain scanners.
B38 Compatibility with PDF files from Nuance PDF improved
B15 Compatibility improved: background color, missing glyphs
35368 Uninstalling FlexiPDF caused an error message about a missing file to be shown.
35402 The installer no longer creates the empty folder c:\ActMask.
35405 New icon for FlexiPDF document files
35412 Bug in password dialog fixed: clicking the Help button enabled the password edit fields.
35413 The hyperlink dialog box always stayed on top, even when switching to other applications.