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FlexiPDF 2017 for Windows

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The current revision of FlexiPDF 2017 for Windows is 1.08.

You receive this new revision by starting FlexiPDF and choosing Help > Check for Updates. Instructions for downloading and installing the new revision will be displayed immediately.

List of changes in this version

2017-11-28: Version 1.08

Feature: FlexiPDF has now been translated to Finnish, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovenian, Serbian and Romanian.
2863 In certain PDF files, random glyphs were displayed in place of the correct ones.
In certain PDF files, parts of the text were not visible.
2690 In certain PDF files, a replacement font with wrong character spacing was used.
2770 Undo failed after inserting a stamp.
The File > Join command failed when joining more than two images.
2782 Some grayscale images were displayed as black boxes.
2709 Some default paper sizes had the wrong dimensions.
2537 In some cases, a gap was shown after an umlaut.
2819 In PDF files from Deutsche Bank, some characters were not shown correctly.
2511 Umlauts and accented characters can now be used in the document properties.
2845 Some dialog boxes had cut-off text with the French user interface.
2827 With the user manual already open, selecting a help topic from the menu does not open yet another instance of the manual anymore.
2818 With Windows set to scaling other than 100%, you get sharp text in the user interface, without having to manually change the "HiDPI" settings of the application.
2677 In the FlexiPDF Standard menus, features of FlexiPDF Professional are no longer shown at all. Before, they were visible but disabled.
Miscellaneous bug fixes