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FlexiPDF 2017 for Windows

Free service pack

The current revision of FlexiPDF 2017 for Windows is 1.06.

You receive this new revision by starting FlexiPDF and choosing Help > Check for Updates. Instructions for downloading and installing the new revision will be displayed immediately.

List of changes in this version

2017-06-19: Version 1.06

2509 Feature: Searching PDFs is now significantly faster and can be interrupted.
2539 Feature: The update checker now calls the default browser instead of always using Internet Explorer. Note that you will see this change only when updating to the version after this one.
2534 Feature: The setup program now automatically closes any running instance of FlexiPDF.
2607 The error message "Unlicensed printer" no longer appears.
2600 Scanning with WIA no longer times out with a "Server busy" message.
2601 "Clone across pages" now also works when called from another page than the one the selected object is on.
2654 The fonts in a Vodafone invoice PDF were not rendered correctly.
2618 PDF files from Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Postbank were rendered incorrectly.
2692 PDF files from Google Analytics could cause a crash.
2503 PDFs with encrypted file attachments can now be displayed.
Miscellaneous bug fixes