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Until next Friday only, you have the unique opportunity to save more than €/US$ 175 with a bundle of these five premier applications:

SoftMaker Office Professional 2016

The latest version of the office suite that you love. Read more

€|$ 99.95

+ Zoner Photo Studio X

Full-featured package for all your image-editing needs. Read more

€|$ 39.00

+ Elegant Script Fonts

A collection of 100 great script fonts. Read more

€|$ 19.95

+ Elegant Mediæval Fonts

A collection of authentic fonts from the Middle Ages. Read more

€|$ 19.95

+ Elegant Art Nouveau Fonts

A collection of stunningly beautiful Art Nouveau fonts. Read more

€|$ 19.95



€|$ 198.80
 €|$ 22.99


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Zoner Photo Studio X

The intuitive all-around solution for your photos

In addition to SoftMaker Office Professional 2016 and three font collections, the bundle comes with a one-year license of Zoner Photo Studio X, the all-around solution for all tasks around digital photo editing.

  • Auto button

  • Dehaze images

  • Filter brush

  • Get creative with layers and masks

  • Change photo backgrounds


  • Improve your photos with a single click of the Auto button
  • Dehaze a foggy photo with just one flick of a slider
  • Edit just what you want with the Filter Brush
  • Get creative with layers and masks
  • Change photo backgrounds effortlessly with the Refine Selection tool

Zoner Photo Studio X offers dozens of editing tools, effects and filters. It supports your creative work with layers, offers several non-destructive editing methods and saves lots of time by enabling you to edit multiple images at once using batch operations.

Unlimited editing possibilities

The Editor module offers many ways to edit your photos. The sky’s the limit! Zoner Photo Studio X offers work with layers, retouching, blending modes, color and exposure correction, smart sharpening and blurring, dehazing, Dodge & Burn brushes, HDR, perspective correction, cropping, automatic edits, lens flare, a radial filter, improved noise reduction, cloning of objects, various filters and much more.

  • Create wonderful HDR images.

  • Apply gradient filters to your images.

  • Get the most out of your pictures using the noise reduction filter.

  • Re-align horizontal and vertical lines.

  • Dehaze foggy photos.

  • Perfect results thanks to the smart blurring feature.

Fast photo products

Turn your photos into gifts (books, calendars, canvas prints and many more stylish objects) for your loved ones and order them as complete print products right from inside of Zoner Photo Studio X. Or send your friends a photo postcard!

Automatic import

Import (download) photos onto your computer in just a few seconds. Zoner Photo Studio X will detect your device, sort your photos and can even back them up for you immediately. You can keep on working normally during the import. Zoner Photo Studio X even has commands for bringing in pictures from a PDF or a scanner.

Organizing made easy

Organize your photo archive however you prefer and browse photos by their location, date taken, keywords, or folders. Add descriptions, GPS coordinates, keywords, colored labels, ratings and more easily. They’ll save you lots of time searching for pictures later. With batch operations, all this goes even faster. And above all, none of it ever changes the organization that you choose for your photos.

Non-destructive edits

Non-destructive edits are edits you can take back at any time, and they never degrade your photos. Find them in the Develop module: from exposure and color adjustments, to straightening, cropping and more.

Simple sharing and online editing

Show off your creations in just a few clicks. Besides sharing over social networks and email, you can also use Zoner Photo Studio X to work with photos stored on your Facebook account, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

Save more than €/US$ 175 – only until Friday!

Regularly, a one-year license of Zoner Photo Studio X sells for € 39 / US$ 49.

Until next Friday only, we bundle it with SoftMaker Office Professional 2016 and three font collections for only €/US$ 22.99 together!

Don't hesitate! We have reserved just 1,500 units for this promotion.

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