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Elegant Mediæval Fonts

Write like in centuries gone by

Elegant Mediæval Fonts

The Middle Ages were a heyday of book copying and printing. Manuscripts and books were first copied by monastic scribes, later printed. This period saw the creation of many beautiful font styles in England, Ireland, Germany and other countries.

SoftMaker's font package Elegant Mediæval Fonts comes with 41 fonts in all styles of the Middle Ages: English, Celtic, Runic, German, Italian.

Compatible with Windows, Apple Mac and Linux systems, the Elegant Mediæval Fonts collection inspires you to create vintage-looking designs easily.

Ligatures, umlauts and more

Many fonts in this package come with the long and the short "s" and ligatures for letter pairs such as "fi", "fl", "st" or "tz", a prerequisite for beautiful typesetting.

Additionally, many of the fonts contain alternative umlauts in the style of centuries gone by:

Elegant Mediæval Fonts

  • Ballo Pro
  • Barddas
  • Barock 1720
  • Bastarda Anglicana Pro
  • Bastarda No1 Pro
  • Bastarda No2 Pro
  • British
  • Burgundy
  • Calligraphic Antiqua
  • Calligraphic Fraktur
  • Calligraphic Textura
  • Civilite Pro
  • Dark Gothic Pro
  • Dublin 900
  • English Gothic No1 Pro
  • English Gothic No2 Pro
  • Fere Textura Pro
  • Gaeilge Uncial Pro
  • Genealogy Symbols
  • Gothic Book Pro
  • Gothic Hand No1 Pro
  • Gothic Hand No2 Pro
  • Herefordshire Pro
  • Insular Minuscule
  • Italia 1650
  • Kelt Relief
  • Kelt
  • Minuscule No1 Pro
  • Minuscule No2 Pro
  • Odins Runes Pro
  • Old Eire
  • Patron
  • Ponti
  • Rune Symbols
  • Stebark Pro
  • Thingvellir Pro
  • Toulouse
  • Turin Pro
  • Universitas
  • Urkunde Pro

Modern font installer included

The package includes a state-of-the-art 3D font installer for Windows that allows easy previewing and installation of fonts.

Elegant Mediæval Fonts: font manager

On the Apple Mac and in Linux, simply install fonts by double-clicking on the font file.

Also available as webfonts

For a small surcharge, you can add webfonts to this package. This lets you create typographically rich web pages. SoftMaker's webfonts are compatible with all modern web browsers.

Licensed for up to three computers

You may install this font package on up to three computers of the same company, organization or family household.

System requirements

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Windows XP
  • Any version of macOS or Mac OS X
  • Any version of Linux
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