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infiniType 4

infiniType 4: 7,444 premium fonts

7,444 first-class fonts for professional users for Apple Mac, Windows and Linux

The new font library infiniType 4 is the smart alternative for everyone who uses fonts professionally. For a fraction of the price the large font houses charge, you will receive a huge collection of 7,444 first-class fonts – precisely crafted, with full character sets and the highest print quality.

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Elegant Handwriting Fonts

Digitized handwriting fonts are the perfect way to give documents an authentic "handwritten" look. SoftMaker offers this package with a large selection of elegant, attractive handwriting fonts.

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Elegant Script Fonts

Elegant Script Fonts is a collection of 100 script fonts of all types and styles. Many of the fonts in this collection come with extended OpenType layout tables for sophisticated typesetting.

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Elegant Art Nouveau Fonts

Expand your font choices by adding this high-class collection of Art Nouveau fonts – one of the most creative periods of type history.

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Webfont Essentials

Put real fonts on your web site! The Webfont Essentials package gives you 200 classic and modern webfonts that make your web site more attractive.

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MegaFont NEXT

MegFont NEXT box

MegaFont NEXT is the perfect font collection for business and home users alike: no less than 5,000 top-quality TrueType typefaces give you the widest range of font designs for every conceivable occasion.

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Elegant Mediæval Fonts

SoftMaker offers a large collection of fonts from the Middle Ages. The new Elegant Mediæval Fonts package covers all type styles of mediæval Europe.

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Elegant Blackletter Fonts

Elegant Blackletter Fonts is a huge collection of classic blackletter fonts from all centuries. These fonts contain all the important ligatures and even the vaunted "long s".

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Elegant Sütterlin & Kurrent Fonts

Sütterlin and Kurrent are the scripts that were taught at German and Austrian schools up to the first half of the 20th century. This package contains 20 variants of these historic scripts in one package.

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Licensing fonts from SoftMaker

Are you a software manufacturer, publisher or vendor? Are you interested in licensing fonts for redistribution with your software or your own font library?

SoftMaker is the leading European manufacturer of inexpensive quality fonts. Contact us if you are interested in negotiating a license.

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