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Load and Help 2015: Feedback from aid projects that we supported

Monday, 25 January 2016 08:00

Dear SoftMaker customers:

The year is still young – and we hope it will be a great one for you!

The results of our charity campaign Load and Help 2015 were also great:

Up to New Year, our free Office packages for Windows, Linux and Android have been downloaded 36,540 times. As SoftMaker pledged to donate 10 euro cents per download, we made a donation totaling 3,654.00 euro. A discount campaign garnered a further 1,312.13 euro, and there was an anonymous donor who also put money in the donation box.

We passed on the total donation amount of 4,966.13 euro in full to various charity projects and have received thank-you notes, some of which we cite below.

1 Blinde Kinder

Special needs support for blind toddlers

C. Direske from “Anderes Sehen e.V.” approached SoftMaker with the following words:

“Many thanks for your donation to Anderes Sehen e.V., which will be a great help for promoting the early support of blind children!

Really great that we have the honor of partaking in your “Load and Help” donation campaign! Fantastic commitment from you and SoftMaker!

What your donation actually makes possible:

The long canes for younger children promote early exploration of the surroundings, Klicksonar trains spatial experience and orientation in a very special manner and our tactile excitingly designed books provide important impulses for the enjoyment of reading and Braille, paving the way to education and participation..

Therefore, we are already able to do a lot for the provision of better opportunities in education and mobility. However, that doesn’t suffice. We still host a large number of ideas for the way to an inclusive society, such as Braille posters and tactile ABC cards for all schools – and we transport these to politics and society. Your donation also helps us to implement this plan – many thanks!”

Find out more about this project which we could support thanks to your downloads

2 Straßenkinder Brasilien

An island for street children in Brazil

U. Kramer, Project Manager at “WCTAG hilft e.V.”, wrote to us:

“We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your donation in the name of all the children and our entire team. We were able to finance our entire playground, provide school supplies and give the children wonderful Christmas surprises with our campaign to-date.”

Find out more about this project which we could support thanks to your downloads

3 Fahrrad Mobilität Bildung

Bicycle = Mobility = Education (World Bicycle Relief)

Lena Kleine-Kalmer, Communications Manager at World Bicycle Relief, wrote a letter to SoftMaker Managing Director Martin Kotulla:

“Dear Martin, many thanks for your generous donation – in the name of World Bicycle Relief and the people who are now able to improve their lives under their own steam with a bicycle. Currently, all donations until the end of the year are being doubled - also the 831 EUR from you!

I have studied the SoftMaker concept and find it great! Top work - thank you for the involvement!

Would you like to discover more about our local programs? Our current video from Palabana, a small village in Zambia, provides an interesting insight into our local work:

Thanks a million and warm regards, Lena”

Find out more about this project which we could support thanks to your downloads

4 Wasserflöhe

Integrative scuba diving group “Die Wasserflöhe” (the water fleas)

We received the following post via Facebook:

“‘Die Wasserflöhe’ say thank-you to SoftMaker! This donation secures the continued existence of the integrative diving group “Die Wasserflöhe” and the money will be invested in overhauling the diving equipment! Therefore, we will also be able to offer inclusive diving training for the disabled in the coming years!”

Find out more about this project which we could support thanks to your downloads

5 Kinderarzt Nepal

A pediatrician for Nepal

Mr. Gross-Selbeck from the Lions-Club Düsseldorf-Barbarossa wrote:

“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your generous donation. Great distress exists locally, especially at this point in time following the devastating earthquake and due to the current political disputes.”

Find out more about this project which we could support thanks to your downloads


The donation amount achieved also enabled us to support several further projects. You can find a full overview here:

Once again, many thanks to all the participants who generated these donations by downloading our free Office packages, at the same time helping people in need.


  • Pablo Campis posted by Pablo Campis
    Friday, 05 February 2016 03:04

    Softmaker, I've been following your campaigns for some years now, I consider you do an excellent work each year. Thanks for sharing the letters with us, your customers. Hope more people get to know your software and use it as well.

  • DenWal posted by DenWal
    Wednesday, 03 February 2016 18:39

    Amazing! I wish that more software companies can do the sam as You do. Wonderful to see all the great "Thank you"-notes as well.

    Keep up the good work!

    All the best,

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