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Ladies and Gentlemen: Here is Kitty, our new blogger

Friday, 18 March 2016 14:24


Hi, I'm Kitty. My friends know me as the office cat at SoftMaker. Yeah, I know, Kitty is a strange name for a tomcat – whatever.

For many cat-years I've been zipping in and out of the offices at SoftMaker (that is, on the rare occasions when I am not sleeping), jumping up onto the desks and just chilling out – preferably on a keyboard or right in front of a monitor. In my more active moments, I hunt imaginary flies and eat anything that looks halfway palatable.

But, alas, this idyllic life of blissful idleness is coming to an end – now I have to earn my privileges by blogging. So, from now on I'll be putting in my two-meows-worth every now and again and keeping you up to date on what's going on with the SoftMakers, my "owners" (that's what they call themselves – I call them "The Food Lady" and "Mr. In-the-way"), and all the rest of my underlings. Hey, let's face it, I run the show here at SoftMaker. You can tell that by all the hair I make it a point to leave lying around in every office.

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So, what's going on here this year anyway? First things first: The Food Lady will finally understand how I like my breakfast in the morning. The sequence is particularly important: the door must be opened for me in the morning at precisely 06:50; then I first plod up the stairs and check out the situation in the other rooms. Then, and only then, I come back down see if I like what's on the menu – I usually don't. I'm going to have to put my paw down around here if that doesn't change soon!

And the SoftMakers? Well, they've got plenty in the works for 2016 – anyway they're all tinkering away all the time and failing to pay me due attention, which annoys me to no end. Hey, I'm only the star here, right! As soon as I find out something concrete, you'll here it from me first.

'Til then – I'm off to find a nice warm keyboard to lie down on...

Ciao and meow,

Yours, Kitty


  • Alex posted by Alex
    Saturday, 09 April 2016 01:57

    Hey! You're so cute!! And you've got really good "owners" - as they make a beautiful peace of software, which they can really be proud of! Truly, it's fast(!), full of features, and most importantly, it almost complies to the universal criteria of a good software: it can almost fit into single floppy disk (when zipped) - a unique quality for software app nowadays.
    Anyway, I wish you'll get some changes in menu and developers pay you due attention. Just remember, that they're of the same tribe, as you, and there's even special book written about that: "Herding Cats", so be always kind with them. But it seems that you are, anyway.

  • Scott posted by Scott
    Tuesday, 05 April 2016 13:40

    Kitty, just don't eat the mouse or you'll have your privileges withdrawn!

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